How to redeem a UniPIN voucher:

UniPIN is a voucher that is bought from a vendor by you the consumer and is then redeemed for the full amount of the voucher for a prepaid electricity token.

The voucher is redeemed using the your cell phone at a time and place convenient to you.

  1. At a time convenient to the you, all you need to do is send a USSD request following the instructions on the UniPIN Voucher.
  2. The USSD message is sent to the short code and upon receipt of the message, the UniPIN Manager works out which utility you belongs to, displays a pre vend in the case of arrears collection and collects the 20 digit Prepaid Electricity token number from the relevant utility.
  3. You then enter this number into the keypad on the prepaid meter in your home and the credit is registered as per standard Numeric STS meters.
  4. Should the key entry of the 20 digit Prepaid Electricity token fail, or yield an error message, Cigicell provides a 24 hour support desk which is made available to assist consumers with their vending queries.

Instruction on how to redeem a UniPIN voucher. Once a voucher has been purchased from a vendor or a retailer, all you need to do is following the following easy steps.

  1. Look for your 9 digit pin number on the voucher:
  2. On your cellphone, dial *120*41589*PIN*MeterNumber# and now press ‘Call’/Dial’ (Remember, your 9 digit PIN number is the PIN number on the UniPIN slip. Your meter number the 11 digit meter number on your Meter Card, or the number you usually use when buying prepaid electricity for your home)
  3. A Message will display informing you that you request will be processed and your token will be sent to you via sms.
  4. Your will receive a token via SMS that will display your 20 digit token number. This number is entered into your meter box to increase your electricity units.


  1. You must always ensure that when you redeem you UniPIN, that you use the correct meter number. Once a UniPIN has been redeemed, the sale is final and the token generated will be for the meter number the request was sent through. Meter numbers that we incorrectly submitted cannot be reversed or refunded.
  2. Please note that should you submit a request for a Tshwane meter, before the token is processed, UniPIN will inform you if there are any arrears due on your Tshwane municipal account. You will have the option to continue and accept the charges which will be deducted from your UniPIN purchases, or you have the option to decline the transaction in order for you to consult the Tshwane municipality
  3. The purchase limit for Eskom meters are a maximum of R500.00
  4. Should there be any service charges allocated to your meter, note that this will automatically be deducted from your UniPIN purchase and that this charge is deducted by the supplier and not by UniPIN.