Utilities Supported by UniPIN

With the introduction of the UniPIN certain retailers overcome the complexities and inefficiencies associated with online vending and make Prepaid Electricity more accessible to all consumers who need it. Essentially Cigicell vends an offline voucher which the consumer will convert into an online sale at his or her convenience as and when it suits them.

Private Utilities/Service Providers fully endorses UniPIN and the following suppliers are supported:

  1. Prepaid World
  2. Prepaid Meters
  3. Meter Mate
  4. Meter Man
  5. Ekhwezi
  6. Landis Prepaid
  7. BFW Metering
  8. ED Services
  9. NetVendor
  10. Sleep Africa
  11. CitiQ
  12. Ideal Prepaid

In Oct 2010 we were awarded an exclusive license to vend UniPIN in Ekurhuleni.

The following corporate retailers have also officially agreed to supply UniPIN:

  1. Engen
  2. Shell
  3. Sasol
  4. BP
  5. Spar
  6. ATM Solutions/Cash Express ATMs.
  7. www.prepaid24.co.za

Be on the lookout as UniPIN is also available at any Blu Approve retailer.