How do I redeem a UniPIN?

Simply Dial *120*41589*Pin Number*Meter Number# and press ‘Dial/Call’ (remember your Pin number is the 9 digit pin number on the UniPIN voucher, and your meter number is the 11 digit meter number on your meter card)

Can I use any cellphone and any network to redeem my UniPIN?

Yes, all cellphones and all networks in South Africa is supported.

What is the cost of the *120* USSD string when I redeem my UniPIN?

The cost of the USSD session is 20c across all networks.

How long is a UniPIN valid for?

A UniPIN is valid for 1 year.

What denominations are available for UniPIN?

UniPIN comes in the following denominations: R20, 30, 50 , 100, 200, 250, 500 and R1000.

What do I do if I do not know my meter number?

You can obtain this from your meter card, or a voucher bought previously. Alternatively, the customer can contact their supplier or municipality.

I have redeemed my voucher using the *120* USSD string but I have not received any response from UniPIN.

Simply sms us your UniPIN serial number and your meter number to 43471 or email us on support@myunipin.co.za

Who do I contact should I have trouble redeeming my UniPIN?

You can sms us on 43471, or email us at support@myunipin.co.za. Always remember to send us your UniPIN Serial number as well as your meter number to expedite your query. This service is available 24/7, 365.

What areas, supplier or municipalities does UniPIN support?

Please note that UniPIN does not cover each and every municipality in South Africa. Please refer to the list of suppliers on our main page.

What do I do when I have purchased a UniPIN, and my meter is not supported by UniPIN?

You will need to return your voucher to the point of purchase. You can also liaise with our support desk who will guide you through the process.

How long does it take for the token to be sent back to me?

You should receive your sms within 15-20 seconds.

What if I have not received my sms within this time?

Your supplier, municipality or Eskom may be slow in responding, or might be having technical difficulties processing your request. Please contact our support desk if you have any queries and they will advise you accordingly.

How many times do I need to request my voucher in order for me to receive my token.

You only need to redeem the UniPIN once. If you do not receive your token, please contact our support desk.

What do I do if I have submitted the wrong meter number?

Please be very careful when entering your *120* string when redeeming your UniPIN. Once a token has been processed, the token will only be able to work on the requesting meter number, and the supplier will not be able to refund or reverse any tokens processed.

How do I redeem a UniPIN if I am a Tshwane customer?

Once you have submitted your requests, you will receive a message displaying your details as well as if your municipal account is in arrears or not. You will then have the option to Decline or Accept the charges. Please note that if there are any Arrears allocated to your Tshwane municipal account, the full amount will be deducted from your UniPIN request. For any queries, please contact our support desk.

DO I receive the full value Token from the UniPIN I purchased?

Yes, you will receive the full value of your purchase as a token, provided you do not have any arrears, service charges, or admin fees allocated to your prepaid account, as configured by your supplier or municipality. Please note that UniPIN do not have any control over this.